Ready to Grow Up!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009 18:24 Alice Leung
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We are so excited about building the Top Sprouts community and working towards our vision of promoting sustainable urban agriculture in building rooftops.  The fun began about a year ago when I visited a hydroponics greenhouse project in NYC.  The system was powered with solar panels and a back-up biodiesel generator.  Filtered rainwater was used to grow herbs, tomatoes and strawberries.  A cooling pad made from cardboard was used to maintain the greenhouse temperature.  The neatest part is that this can be done on top of our buildings.  How can someone not get excited about this!

It’s been an incredible year working to launch Top Sprouts.  We met people from all walks of life-from farmers to engineers, architects, serial entrepreneurs, investors, garden enthusiasts and elected officials.  People were ecstatic about it!  They shared their contacts, strategies, advice and most importantly, they shared their vision and aspirations to the idea.  It made us realize that this is not only about two young entrepreneurs building a company on something we’re passionate about.  This is about working together to create a more sustainable future by changing our current food system, rethinking urban space use and finding efficiencies to reduce our use of limited resources.

The Top Sprouts team is ready to roll up our sleeves and get working!  We look forward to working with you to build our shared vision-one rooftop at a time.